Blue Mountain Coffee & Mavis Bank's Rich History

Mavis Bank Coffee

Edgar Munn has always been a “coffee man”; it happens when you grow up on a coffee farm with a coffee family. From his grandparents Victor and Edna who started at Mavis Bank, to his uncle Keble, you could say it was in his blood.

As a young man Edgar gained his business sense from his father who brought the Yellow Cab business to Jamaica. After high school Edgar studied diesel mechanics in England and had a long and successful career owning a heavy equipment business, but he never lost his love for coffee.

In 1990 only a few people had even heard of an ecommerce business, but Edgar recognized that the internet provided a way for him to bring his beloved Blue Mountain Coffee to the world. He started with one website representing his family’s coffee, importing roasted beans to the US, and shipping it out. As the business grew, Edgar added more websites, more coffee, and soon realized he was ready to roast coffee himself.

In 2006 not only had the selling of roasted coffee become his full time business, but Edgar was also the leading importer of Jamaica Blue Mountain green beans into the United States. Coffee brokers, small roasters, and large companies recognized that when they wanted 100% Blue Mountain Coffee they could trust Edgar Munn to provide the highest quality bean at a competitive price.

Today is the leading source for Blue Mountain Coffee in the US. While many others still travel to Jamaica to buy coffee in the local markets and resell it on the internet, Edgar only sells beans that he roasts to order on a daily basis.